August 19th

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Yes...I'm still here. I took quite the hiatus, didn't I?

This past week has been crazy and everything has been put on hold in order to make it through my last few weeks of summer school. in fact, today is my presentation of my project. I'm nervous and excited all rolled into one.

For those of you who don't know, I have a huge fear of public speaking. I have managed to get by so far with the support of group projects and the option to speak as little as possible. But this time...I'm solo. the past...the words "solo presentation" were enough to make me drop the class all together. But this time...I decided to face my fear head on and immediately contact a hypnotherapist.

I have to say that I love hypnotherapy. It is nothing like I thought it would be and really...I won't know if I'm doing better until I put it to the test. But the best thing that I have learned from it is that WE are in control of everything. If I want to change my subconscious can help me do that. It can override all the doubt and anxiety in my conscious worrysome brain and guide me through this with ease. It's fascinating really. Not to mention that I absolutely adore my hypnotherapist. So much so that I would gladly pay $75 per hour just to go sit and chat. For anyone who has a fear, anxiety, or stress about anything...or even if you just want to know how to do something better, like knit left handed...she can help you. She is a miracle worker.

So...wish me luck and I will see you all on the flip-side. With another quarter down and a little over a year to go (and a helluva bumpy and spaztic ride to get there) I will be done with school and moving on to another miracle.

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  1. You're getting sleepy. J/K Good luck. But you really don't need it. You always perform.