August 3rd

August 3, 2010

Vibrancy, originally uploaded by

Today I am daydreaming. About who I want to be. About how I want to be seen. About the the life I want to lead...not the specifics, but the energy. That's a lot to think about, but the word that rings true with it today is "vibrancy."

I want to be vibrant, pulsing with energy, striking and blooming like this flower. I want that glory to be mine. I want the moments of my life to be as indescribable as the feeling I get when I look at this photo. I want to marvel at the world the way I do at the colors of nature. Most of all, I want to know that, while I am also just one of the many small wonders that grace our planet, I made an impression on someone too.

I believe this can be my truth.

Live a vibrant life.