August 2nd

PikePlace, originally uploaded by MaraRayanne.

I did the most ridiculous thing today. I woke up all excited, albeit early for a dentist appointment, ready to grab my camera and snap photos of my day. In the chaos that is me up early...I wandered out the door and somehow made my way to my appt. With a clean, fresh smile, I headed off to the office. On the way, there was the most wonderful foggy haze surrounding downtown Seattle and I reached over to grab my camera and snap a quick shot before the light changed. camera.

So...since I was slightly off kilter this a.m. and missed my photo-op, here is another photo from last year. This was taken at Pike Place Market. See, the thing about the fog this morning, wasn't so much the lovely ethereal mist, it was the atmosphere that comes with it. The cool crisp morning air, the softest mist on my face outside on the street, and the rich ocean air from the Puget Sound.

I'm telling you...if you visit Seattle on a morning like that...when the city streets are alive but quiet, when the coffee in your hand has more comfort in it than the best home cooked meal you've ever had, when the silent energy that is building makes every one of your senses dance would never want to go home.

It's my home.

My lovely city. Seattle.

This is my piece of wonderful, though just a glimpse, to share with you.


  1. What a great way to describe Seattle... gotta love it!

    OMG! Mara... someone read your blog... and even left a comment! hahaha I know... I'm fabulous! Hope you had a marvelous Monday... see you tomorrow!

    The bestest school wife ever!
    Vikki Ku

  2. That was really pretty, sis :). Love Vikki's comment too ;)