August 5th

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Today was a pretty mellow day.

If you factor out the traffic jam and the desk rattling roar of the Blue Angels practice flying was almost serene. Quiet. Simple. Relaxed. I had nothing pressing to do, nothing I particularly struggled with, and any issues that arose were met with reason and rolled off easily. Though I would have rather spent my afterwork hours soaking up the sunset with a mojito in hand, I went to class and for once I felt I actually had something to contribute to the discussion.

Overall, today was a good day. While it could have been boring, or mundane, I've decided to take it for more than just another day. It was a day full of often unnoticeable landmarks.

As I relax and reflect on today, I found this photo speaks to me in the same way. It's simple, soft, and precious. Nothing fancy, nothing intense, and almost serene.

I hope your Thursday went smoothly too!

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  1. Always putting things in a way we feel we were a part of it. A nice picture