August Blur

So maybe I didn't do so well at keeping up on August Break, considering my last post was on August 19th, but I did have a lot of fun taking new pictures and finding my photography inspiration again. I hope you enjoyed the photos for the month and soon I will be posting some of my favorites from fellow August Breakers. Stay tuned! There are some absolutely beautiful shots...

Until then...I have decided that one day instead of a whole month may be a little bit easier to chew and I have signed up for the 10-10-10 challenge. It's one photo...from one be posted in a flickr group of (so far) over 100 people. It should be fun to see what others come up with. So many creative minds out there on the web.

Hmmmmm...just one photo...from just one day...that speaks for and about me...I better think about this for a bit. If you have any ideas...send them my way!

October 10th, A most auspicious day

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