March 4, 2011

Video Friday!

Hi Friends!'s been a while, but I have something to share with you finally! The best part is that it's Video Friday and this thing I have to share just happens to be a video. The Universe works in mysterious ways sometimes, doesn't it.

Now, some of you have already seen this...and some of you already know what it's all about and how it went...but for those of you that don't...this video is actually made by me for my Personal Development Project (PDP). My project was about reducing my stress in order to become more self aware and to become a better manager. Overall, I am feeling like a whole new person, but I have some more work to be done. Turns out, when you fix one problem and start to have clarity, sometimes you open your eyes to other issues that were masked and have to reassess. I have learned so much and can't wait to see where the rest of this journey takes me, but for is how it has gone so far.

Happy Friday! Spend some time this weekend with one of your weaknesses and start next week on the right foot.


  1. That's a great video. I didn't know you were so multi-talented but probably should have figured. How has the new you been working out? Still at it or slipping back to bad habits? It really does look like you're a whole new person. And it's been a while since you've blogged, hope you continue to find inspiration. Oh and you look pretty tough with those weights ;)

  2. Definitely slipping back into bad habits as my schedule got to be overwhelming again. But, after finals I'll be back at it again! And adding a few things regular blog posts...and a third class next quarter. I think all will be right again soon.

  3. Well a third class will add to the dilemma. It's good to have turned that corner on scheduling by going through the class. It will help you continue to refocus when things go a bit awry. And blog away, it's a good release of pressure.

  4. Sad that you have no time to blog anymore