Hi my lovely friends! Long time no see!

I'm really excited to be back and ready for the summer break! Thank-Goodness-For-A-Break!

I'm on a plane headed back from a business trip to DC...

They let you use wifi now! But like everything else on flights these days, you have to pay for it...

and I am daydreaming about how to use all the free time I will have over the next few months while school is on a break. (Last two classes this fall! Woo Hoo!) One of the things that I was dying to do when I was in school was visit my friends on this little blog of mine, but classes kept me busy and exhausted with little room for creativity. my creativity tank refuels...I am getting ready to have a lot of fun with a few new types of posts. One thing I would like to do over the summer is experiment with food and drink recipes, so you'll be seeing a little of that here and there. I'm also browsing music again, so I hope to bring the monthly playlists back strong...those were often a fave of mine. And another favorite past-time of mine is thrift shopping with my beau, so today I'd like to unveil a new post title logo for my newest type of blog post (and name of my future store)...

In the per.used posts I will show you my latest thrift store finds and ideas for recreating old pieces. Can't wait! So join me here next time for a few new ideas. I'll see you then!

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  1. Well it's about time. You know people have been wondering what happened to this lovely post. Look forward to more.