The August Break 2011

July 27, 2011

It's back, Baby!

The August Break is back!

I had a lot of fun participating in August Break 2010. Granted I didn't have time to see my world through the camera lense every day while taking summer classes last year, but this year...this year!...I am not taking summer classes and I have lots of time to spare.

I'm so excited! Maybe I will even put together a few anatomy of a photo posts to show how I get from the raw image to the lovely posted images you'll see here on the blog? We shall see. Oh, yes. We shall see. *tapping finger tips together*

Do you have a camera and want to join in the fun? Or just want see the world of others through the lense? You should totally check it out!

I will share some of my favorites here, but do consider joining me on this great adventure. It would be so lovely to have you come along. Simply sign up for the Flickr Group and visit the August Break 2012 page to get all the deetz.

See you soon friends!