without further ado.

Hello, Friend.

I refuse to open this post with another tired excuse about why I haven't been here in days, weeks, or months, so we'll just jump right into it. Sound good?

Tuesday is "Crushin' on Etsy" day!

So...without further ado (thank you to Grammar Girl for helping me to accurately use this idiom)...here are my favorite recent Etsy shop finds...

Bursting with Brilliance Notebook from katieblairdesigns
Market Stroll Collection wood art by Dolangeiman

Handmade Clay Owls by claylicious

Geometric tote by hummingbirdfactory
Concentric Pears print by Priss Designs

Black Diamond Crystal Necklace by Jewelry Deli

Treasure Bubble Wish Pins by propellers

I hope to be back tomorrow with a Textbook Revelations post, but since I'm not currently in school (Woo Hoo for my Summer break!) it may just hold a few of my personal musings of late. AND!...In a few days I will have the newest monthly playlist ready to tickle your ears!

Until then...


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