happy birthday month!

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This month is my birthday month!!! Hooray!

I know that summer is ending, and for sun lovers here in the NW that is a sad day, but I'm not complaining because September is one of those months that I love. There is something in the air for me in September. It is full of possibilities, changes, and new beginnings. A combination of summer breezes and fall crispness that sends my mind and heart in a tizzy. I wonder if this stems back to the excitement of school shopping, the feel of new school supplies, looking forward to a whole new year and feeling butterflies in my tummy? I wonder.

Hopefully this month will also hold the birthday of my Etsy shop! Just think...this time next year I could be celebrating the completion of my 1st year as a business owner and having an anniversary sale!!! Wowie!

Being the beginning of the month I was looking back on August and realized that I never really took any August Break photos. I took a few, but taking a photo every day, posting it on flickr, and reviewing the hundreds of other photos posted each day got to be a bit much for me. It is something we like to call "sorting through the muchness." With all the beautiful things online, that we have coming at us every day, it can sometimes take a toll on the hours just to keep up. I fall victim to this all the time. It's a fantastic distraction and a powerful source of inspiration, but can become a bit overwhelming. Read more about the "muchness" in this post by Simple Lovely.

So...I'm a little bummed that I didn't participate as much as planned, but along the way I think I realized that life had other plans for me and stressing myself out over something that was supposed to be fun just wasn't in the cards. I will say that August Break is a great challenge and offers an opportunity to practice photography, meet new friends, and take time to soak up the world around you...especially the little things. I would recommend it to anyone. But this year...this year I think it just wasn't for me and didn't fall into place. That said, I'm excited about other August accomplishments and can't wait to see what is to come.

Here's to taking a different path than planned. Cheers!

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