Video Friday!

I'm in love, love, love with this song and this video from a local Seattle artist, Bryan John Appleby, shot in the beautiful Washington Park Arboretum near the busy 520 bridge.

I seriously can't get enough.

I've already added it to my September playlist and it's only September 2nd! That must be a record. Normally I download a bunch of new music and then pick my top 10 faves for the playlist. This one jumped directly to the list. It dates back to 2009, but to me it is new...and I think it has a fresh feel. Not to mention the video has a great chilly Autumn feel. (I'm amazed at how they choreographed the boats so smoothly!) It's absolutely perfect  for a September Video Friday!



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  1. Sorry friends...Looks like Vimeo started having technical difficulties shortly after I posted this.:( The video should be back soon.