So many birthdays!

Hi All! Happy Monday!

Burlap Bunting by sherisewsweet
AND! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to my step-mom, god-brother, friend from past job, friend from high school, and my Seattle friend! Oh...and a very happy birthday "Welcome to the World!" to my designs etsy shop! (A special b-day present to myself.)

I can't believe it's finally here! I've talked about opening an etsy store for oh so long. I have just a few items posted for the grand opening of the handmade section in my shop, but I think they are all pretty lovely. A few more items will be posted during the week.  Here's a quick preview of my favorite pieces...

All in all, today is turning out to be a magical day. 

Watch for more updates and some sneak previews of the other half of my etsy shop, per.used, which will launch in about a month. Can't wait!

Happy Monday!

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