Hi Lovely Friends,

I am sorry for the unannounced hiatus. I've been feeling a little introverted and uninspired lately. I think it's just a build up of so many things happening inside and outside of my control that has led to a block in my creativity.

It's been a whirlwind of a month...I'm back in school at night (last quarter! woo hoo!), my car was broken into a few weeks ago and they stole my new text book and a large amount of crafting supplies meant for my business, then work projects took off and it was go go go until it was over, and now I'm feeling burnt out and under the weather. Today, I took the day off from work and I am recharging. It's ME time.

Pretty soon I'll be out from under this little grey cloud. I'm hoping to make enough time in my schedule for some homework, weekly creative time, and most importantly feeling like I'm running my job and it's not running me.

I realize that these phases in our life come and go and that sometimes we just have to take a little break and find ourselves again. I'll be back to feeling like myself again soon.

Watch for the belated September playlist tomorrow and some additions to the etsy shop in a few weeks.

See you tomorrow!

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