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Hi Lovelies! It's 12.12.12 today! Pretty crazy that it's the last time we will have a triple duplicate / repetitive date like this. Make a big wish! It has got to be a lucky day.

So...in honor of this unique date (similar to 10.11.12) I would like to share a roundup of my 12 favorite finds of late. Just a little something to widen your horizons on this special day. en-joy!

1. 6 ways to accept others as they are. Helpful when striving to live positively. 

2. Really enjoying the Iowagirleats blog and the yummy recipes. Lots of healthy smoothies, workout tips, and health information.

3. A great month long series about organization and 31 days of loving where you live

4. Tips on how to fake calligraphy - perfect for your holiday cards!

5. Spark People fitness videos - I stumbled on these while looking for a cardio workout I could do while sitting. They are usually about 10 minutes long, so easy to squeeze one or two into your day. There are tons to choose from and always easy to follow. 

6. Secrets to Success for blogging and creative business - blog series with lots of helpful advice

7. Join 100 New York 9th graders in adding a wish for the future to a 100 year time capsule. I'm still dreaming up my 140 character or less wish, but it will have something to do with the world finding a way to live simply.

8. How to set your intentions for 2013 - Way better than resolutions...make a long term plan.

9. The fool proof way to finish what your start - It's time to be brutally honest.

10. How to let go and make every moment better. 

11. Fun typography wallpapers to fancy up your desktop.

12. 10 tips on making winter wake ups easier - Man, I need this! My favorite part is the link to the article about how to practice getting up right when your alarm goes off. I'm soooooo going to do that.

Now...I'm off to spend the day working, planning and dreaming up personal goals for 2013. I'm pretty sure there's a list of 13 goals before 2013 swirling around in my brain too. Looking forward to sharing a bit more with you soon!

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