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This month's cover art is from Natural Parallels by Camille Camille
December is here and the weather outside just got colder. For some of you there are mountains of snow, for others like me there's a little bit of rain and clouds. But Christmas lights are popping up all over town and indoors it's cozy and warm with the smell of fir trees and goodies baking. I love this time of year and I feel so blessed to have these experiences.

While the hustle and bustle buzzes around me I find that I tend to take it really easy during the holidays. I strive to make shopping for gifts relaxed and enjoyable...keeping a slow pace. Sitting in a coffee shop and watching the bundled up world stream by is my meditation. There's a simple flow to it and every day has it's own sort of magic.

So today I would like to share with you the first playlist of Delightful December. This is the every day relaxed mix that I will typically play while in the car. Hopefully it is relaxed enough to help you wind down after a busy day of holiday bustle. In a week or so I will bring you a second mix with holiday songs...because what is December without some jolly music.

Have a great day! I will be seeing you soon.

Delightful December 2012
1. Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
2. Attention - Buckaroo
3. Pretty Face - Soley
4. I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know - Never Shout Never
5. November Was White, December Was Grey - Say Hi
6. Family Glue - Wye Oak
7. High Hope - Glen Hansard
8. Delicate - Damien Rice

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