Hey, Monday...

Renew your spirit. Do one thing today that feeds your soul. Take a walk on your favorite street...savour a meal and a conversation with family or friends...grab a cup of coffee and get cozy...cuddle up and filter through the pages of a good book...whatever it may be that makes you feel whole/connected/alive. Take a moment today to fill up your cup.

Remember, though the waves of life responsibilities may crash over and tumble you about...a process that can be unnecessarily rough...you will come out on the other side with refined edges. Someone will pick you up and place you in their pocket. You will be treasured regardless of your imperfections. Live for the moments that feed your soul and you will have everything you need to provide for yourself and those who cross your path.

This week I will fill myself up. Feed my soul through words on the page, warm cups of tea, goals accomplished, and lingering tasks checked off the list. I look forward to coming out the other side with refined edges.

Have a great week!

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