Here we are right in the middle of a mercury retrograde. One of the three that will occur in 2013. How are things going for you?

If things have been rough or a little out of the ordinary, don't worry just's probably the hijinks of Mr. Mercury. He's been raking over coals and twirling things in the air over at my house.

Now, I'm no expert on astrology, new age studies, or the "woo woo" as some may call it, but I do enjoy reading how happenings elsewhere in the Universe can affect the energies and paths of even the smallest of beings. After hearing from another blogger that we are currently experiencing a mercury retrograde and how certain phenomena may occur, I decided to take a peek at what we are dealing with.

Mercury is dubbed "A man with a message." Typically depicted as a male figure having winged sandals and a winged hat, Mercury is deemed the ruler of communication...the official messenger of the ancient gods and goddesses. In astrology, the planet Mercury influences areas of travel, literature, poetry, and business and this "man with a message" can be witty and cunning, a trickster and mischievous.

When Mercury is in retrograde the planet appears to moving in the reverse direction. This is just an illusion, but during mercury's retrograde odd things tend to happen. Plans go awry, delays occur, misunderstanding are more frequent. Friends from the past may suddenly get in touch or you may even find yourself asking "whatever happened to so-and-so?...I wonder if they are on facebook?"

During this time, it seems mercury's messages either get lost in transit or reach far back into our past. But with all the chaos comes opportunities for renewal. Take this time to reflect on the past and see what you find. Pay attention to what resurfaces...ideas, inspiration, memories, grudges...and find a way to use or resolve them. The important thing is to not allow the hiccups (delays, mishaps, etc.) derail you. Understand that you may need a few extra minutes of travel time, major life decisions may need more review, emails should be proof read and computer files backed up. Remain flexible and use the reflective and rejuvenating aspects of these periods to your advantage!

So what is in store for us? In 2013, Mercury will be in a period of retrograde from February 23rd to March 17th (Pisces), June 26th to July 20th (Cancer), and October 21st to November 10th (Scorpio). Each of these periods is also shaped by the associated astrological sign and the affects of each sign may be different from one retrograde to the next. Our current retrograde in Pisces may cause clouded thinking, daydreams, and lapses in logic, but also improve creativity related to writing, dancing, photography, or painting.

Just remember to be open to what comes your way. If something from the past is popping into your head or sending you an email, take a closer look. There is likely something more to learn in there or something you need to heal from. Finally, understand that this period of retrograde will pass. Choose to embrace it with productive...and hang in there kids!

Remember to listen to the whispers:

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