discovering the "why"

Does anyone else feel like they are in a funk this week?

It seems to be the consensus from most of my everyday connections. Almost like there is a fog looming in my mind, glue in my synapses, or a brick wall blocking access to my awareness. This collective haziness made for an interesting week last week and a huge lapse in my weekly goals.

While the smoothies, dish-free sink, and de-stressing are still going strong, I made 0% progress on getting up early, about 50-60% on walking 7500+ steps per day, and about 85% on going TV-less after 10pm. I'm not quite sure if it's the funk, the summer heat, a pure lack of motivation, or if I'm pushing myself to complete a goal I don't truly desire.

This week I'd like to push myself in a new(ish) direction.

Try something different for the sake of different results.

At the start of these weekly goals I had a reason for each goal even if I didn't define it here. I knew what I wanted to change and determined small steps to head in that direction. I had a clear vision. A bigger picture in mind. Somewhere in the last 5 weeks I think I may have lost sight of the endpoint. Not the goal line per se, but the relative ideal lifestyle. In order to "get on track" I think it's important to define what it is I'm looking for. To determine how I want to feel when I get there...and "where" exactly "there" is. (Let's thank Desire Map for this little nugget of truth! Starting that journey this week and the revelations already abound!)

Let's break it down a bit. Here's what I think may be happening with my goal to get up early...

I've neglected to provide myself with motivation. I can tell myself "Seriously...get up!" all I want but if there isn't a reason, a reward, a feeling I am looking to maintain from that action there is nothing to promote success. Sleepy Me will always win because "it's so cozy here" and "go back to dreaming about unicorns and marshmallows" sounds much more appealing than "get up lazy" and "because I said so."(Man...Morning Me is bossy!)

So, this week I am on a mission. Project: Early Bird. Target: Discover WHY I want to get up early.

All I know is that I want to feel energized...alive...and connected before I start the day. I'm not exactly sure what will bring those feelings, so each day I will try out a different morning routine and (hopefully) find what best gives me that feeling. Each night, before I go to bed I will determine what the next morning will hold by asking myself "what can you do tomorrow morning to make yourself feel energized/alive/connected?" Example: On Monday, I was up by 7am (thanks to my lovely beau and his early work schedule) and I spent 30 minutes watching morning TV and cuddling with Miss CoCo. It was quite pleasant, but not as "energizing" as I would like. So Tuesday...I will something new.

I'm also going to redesign my "walk 7,500 steps per day" goal in order to accommodate for days when I have evening plans which don't involve, or allow for, a lot of walking. Instead of 7,500 steps per day, I will shoot for 50,000 per week. That way I can make up for missed steps on other days. (See how easy it is to reevaluate and adjust to what works for you!?)

And since 85% is a passing grade, I've decided to retire "Turn off TV by 10pm" and add a new goal to the mix. This week I will attempt to reduce the amount of clothing I have in my closet, drawers and storage by 25%...and with this summer heat in Seattle maybe apply this to the clothes I've been wearing too!!! (Ha-Cha-Cha!)

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Design a morning routine.
2. Walk 50,000 steps.
3. Reduce clothing by 25%

I think it's going to be a good week. Oh, and check out this new tracking app I'm using at It allows you to track each day you successfully complete a task towards creating a new habit. AND! It increases motivation after several successful days because you then strive NOT to break the chain. For visual people like me...that is pretty freakin' awesome!

So, how did you manage your goals last week? Are you headed in the right direction? This week, give yourself a gentle reminder on why you are doing what you are doing. Find ways to line up your weekly intentions with how you want to feel when the goal is accomplished. Does it get you one step closer to that end result?

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  1. I love your weekly goals and you really motivated me to stay more accountable with moving mine to my blog. I started already some time ago to set myself goals for my month, but faild oftentimes and lost motivation.

    I will work through the desire map after we moved, I have it already ready and can't wait to dive in and discover what is moving me and where my real desires are.

    Love that you look at your morning routine close by to discover how to arrive at the feeling you are striving for. It's the best way and motivation I think.

    Wish you a beautiful day

    1. I'm so glad this seems to be working for you! I'm just starting Desire Map too and I can't wait to see what happens next! Finding a morning routine that feeds my desired feeling has been a lot of fun. I think it finally did the trick, but only time will tell. :)