August Break - Day 1 & 2

Good evening, friends!

I'm getting a little bit of a late start on the August Break lineup here on the blog, but yesterday caught me a little off guard. Thursdays are typically much more mellow at the office, but the good news is I did get A LOT of things accomplished. Working on some major organization projects for the command station (i.e.: desk).

To get caught is the photo I posted yesterday for Day 1 on the August Break 2013 flickr group and via #AugustBreak2013 on Instagram.

Seattle Love. #augustbreak2013

I snapped this shot of my city's icon just before a lunch with some dear friends up there at the top. (Pineapple Basil Gelato? Yes, please!) It was such a treat!

Today's shot is simply of what is inspiring me lately, but it just so happens to have some circle action going on. And I thought it would be fun to show you a quick peek into my latest creative project. (A new Etsy shop on the horizon perhaps?) I must admit. Lately, I'm crazy about black/gold/cream/salmon color combos like whoa.

Inspired Circles

If you are in need of a hit of inspiration, or just some eye candy to brighten your day, head on over to the August Break Flickr Board and check out some other photos being shared by the masses. Otherwise, here are some links to some other inspiring/useful things of late.
Looking forward to a weekend full of energy boosting, soul filling, creativity bursting magic. Until next time, wishing you a calm and inspiring weekend of your own.




  1. Thank you for the links, very thought provoking for me and a tadge uncomfortable (in that good way) . Was lead to a rather good TED talk along the way, so thank you.

    Well done for the August break, I'm managing photos but they are rather random. I did enjoying looking at everyone breakfast shots for sure

    1. Hi KT! Would love to see the TED talk you stumbled upon. TED may become my TV fix during August. :)

      I've noticed my photos are pretty random as well. In fact, I've only been using my camera phone so far. I think it's because there is instant gratification by posting straight to flickr and instagram. I almost feel like I'm cheating!