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This month, challenge yourself to get out of your element. Be outgoing. Slide outside your comfort zone and have a little bit of fun. October is the perfect month to pretend to be someone new or bring out hidden sides of your personality using the guise of a costume. Maybe a mask or some ghoulish props on the side. Let loose and enjoy where it takes you.

1. Birds Fly Away - Theresa Andersson
2. The Fall - Rhye
3. I've Got You Covered - Sugar & The Hi Lows
4. A Storm is Going to Come - Piers Faccini
5. Thirteen Thirtyfive - Dillon
6. Ae Fond Kiss - Rachel Sermanni
7. Easy to Love - Ivan & Alyosha
8. Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
9. You're the Reason I Come Home (Live) - Ron Pope
10. Big Light - Houses

Outgoing October 2013 from joyful_life on 8tracks Radio.

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