hey, monday...

October 14, 2013

Oh how I have missed you! Well, not Mondays really, but definitely all of YOU. As you can see by the tardiness of this post, I'm running a little bit behind on the much-ness lately. My sincerest apologies for not visiting this space in over a month. (Seriously?!? This year is flooding by.) The past few weeks in my work life have been a struggle, but I am getting back to feeling somewhat normal again. 

So...this week is about setting my stride. Determining the pace I must keep to effectively tackle day-to-day tasks while still making room for enjoying fall colors, being creative, visiting with you, and dreaming about the holidays. I've learned a lot about my preferred pace lately. Mostly during the process of learning to run again. I like to keep it slow and steady. No more sprinting. The foot does not enjoy the sprinting. The pace should be challenging but pleasant. Lately, my approach towards the everyday reflects that thought. 

No more going a million miles an hour in a million different directions. It's time for focus. It's time to choose fulfilling routines and past times and make time for them and forget the rest. It's time for thoughtfulness. Instead of trying to be everything, do everything, and have everything, pick what means the most and put it into daily practice. It's time for wholeness. Seek what helps you to feel complete and find your personal pace.