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I can feel something brewing. Something amazing. Maybe it is the excitement of the holidays, or a glimpse of light in the tunnel I've been trekking through. Maybe it is the coziness of winter, or the contagious nature of watching friends and family following their passions. Whatever the cause, there is glitter flowing through my veins again and I am ready to go. No matter what may be standing in your way, spend some time working at your dreams. Brew a cup of tea, blow the dust off, get settled in and get started. Never say never. Inspiration will always come back around.

Never Say Never November 2013
1. Ghost - Sir Sly
2. Love Is Not Enough - Tyler Lyle
3. Wild Country - Wake Owl
4. Wild Wolves - Athlete
5. Time to Run - Lord Huron
6. Landscape - Florence + The Machine
7. Ambulance - Eisley
8. I'll Drown - Soley
9. King - Lauren Aquilina
10. Flowers In Your Hair - The Lumineers
11. Earthbound Love Song - Over the Rhine
12. Winter Seeds - Freelance Whales

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