hey, monday...

Last night I dreamt of a house. A rustic rambler with large windows, wooded grounds, and muti-level nooks and wings leading to surprises around every corner. In my dream I bought the house and started to prepare for a few renovations. The beauty of the home was challenged as problems were found, but my love did not falter. It would all work out. It was my own. My home.

Pay attention to what comes to you in your dreams this week. What are these symbols telling you? Your subconscious may be craving a new inspiring space. Maybe your sense of place could use some attention? Or your heart is craving family and home connections. These gentle nudges from our sleeping mind can lead us in wonderful directions. Take a little time to make the connections and let me know what comes next for you in the comments below. I'd love to hear about what is hiding in your dreams.


  1. I had some crazy dreams the other night but can't remember them now at all. Have you ever used a dream journal? Worthwhile? Seems a little cheesy... but then again I'm curious if it would be worthwhile to tune in to my subconscious a little more...

  2. SO Smitten with this post! Dreams that are vivid and premonition-like seem to streaming in with full force as of late...SO much to welcome in and look forward to!