Hey, Monday...

The hot summer days are upon you. Savor them so you can conjure up the warmth easily during the cold, dark days of Winter. Warm your bones in the rays of the sun and stay outdoors until dusk. Show your little one what it feels like to put bare feet in the grass. 

Spend time in the garden, even if it is weeding or hunting down pests so your plants can thrive. There is growth to be found in the tending and re-seeding. Allow digging and pruning to feed your soul just as your harvest will feed your body.  

This week I will savor what summer has to offer and make memories to keep until the end of my days. I will remember what it was like to have full days of exploration, bright seasonal food, and sunburns and try to infuse just a little bit of that young life back into my days.  After all, how many summers do we really get? I will strive to keep them easy and simple, but take the time to make them count. 

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