Fearless April

Something that many of you may not know about me...
I played Cello in grade school and I...was...awful.

Well, maybe not awful

I was as good as you can be playing songs like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on an instrument that sounds like a sad goose. It really is quite a depressing sound. Unless you can play so well that the fury in your fingers surpasses the limits of this instrument and something beautiful comes out of it. I unfortunately did not hold that power.

So...what does this have to do with my joyful life?

Well, yesterday I attended my first guitar lesson.

That's right...the guitar I have had for 5 years is finally seeing some action!

I was reminded of my brief stint with cello playing so long ago and how my lack of practicing led to my demise. Today, I solemnly swear to practice my little heart out. I may end up being terrible at it, but atleast then I will know that the guitar can find a better home. A home where it is not a sculpture in the living room.

So far I have learned to warm up my hands...that I need to cut my finger nails...to read a little sheet music...and play one more chord than I knew a couple of years ago. I can play G now! Next thing you know I'll have a hit song on the top of the charts!

For so long I was afraid to learn the guitar, no matter how bad I wanted to. What if I failed? I have always believed that I was bad at music, that the musical talent in my family went all to my mom's amazing accordion skills! I can't believe how she can pick up the accordian after years of not playing and still bust out a tune. I can't even remember how to play the recorder. (Remember the plastic flute type instrument that most people learned in 1st and 2nd grade music class?) Even then, I was lucky if I could make it all the way through Hot Cross Buns without breaking a sweat.

This month I have dubbed Fearless April. I am taking the first steps towards everything that I have always been afraid to do. Well, the things I have WANTED to do anyway. You won't see me wrapping a python around my shoulders or kissing a scorpion anytime soon.

(Or maybe I will...Isn't he cute!?!?!?)


I have started guitar lessons, signed up to refresh my skills on a motorcycle so I can finally buy a Harley, started prepping my home and mind for starting a business, started trail running...yes, running, and soon I will write the first page in my journal (That's a scary one, huh?), and next month I will be on my first solo trip to another country.

So from now on...with my fingers callused and bugs in my teeth...I will tackle the world with no fear and no regrets. I have waited a long time to have the butterflies in my stomach settle before taking the first step and I realize now that I had it in the wrong order.

Go forth! Conquer your fears! It is Fearless April afterall.

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