One word...

Last year I was asked what one feeling is that I would like to feel for the rest of my life...if I only had one to choose from.

One feeling? One emotion? But we are built with so much more!

I thought about it every day for a week. I asked my friends and family...even perfect strangers.

I went back and forth between a few words...successful...happy...fulfilled. All good words, but they didn't quite sum it up.

I kept a list of words in my planner to keep going back to, but only one stuck out.


Many of you may be wondering where the title came from. Besides the obvious that it stemmed from this page being a place to share my life, the question above is where it all started. This word has also become a mantra for me. I remind myself every day what it means to be authentic and to live and breathe joy into my life and others.

So, what is your one feeling? If you had to pick. Make a comment using this link below this journal entry to share it with me. Even if you can't pick just one...I would love to hear them all!

Be joyful. Live joyful. Share joy.


  1. yeah..i really enjoy reading your writing.. your writing is really interesting and inspiring.. well done!

    1. Thank you aDa sUhaDa! I appreciate the comment and the push to keep writing. It truly means a lot to me that you check in here at jl.