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beautifully moody trees background sampled from a photo by Stacy Marie Keck.

This month I'm going to try and remember what it means to be fearless. I've lost this ability through age and even more so since my foot injury last year. I still have physical limitations, for the moment, but I think it's time to get real with myself. No more giving excuses out of fear!

"Once you set aside the fear, then it's a cinch."

It's time to set aside my reservations about certain lifestyle changes and just take the first get in shape and start running commit to and design new items for my etsy eat healthier day to be more social. Practice makes perfect on all of these things, so my attempts will only get better if I drop the fears and apply myself. 

This month I hope you will ask yourself if fear is stopping you from achieving something great. Then ask yourself,

"What is one thing I can do/change/say 
to help me to become fearless?"

Now, hit play and get on your way! We have nothing to fear but (useless and meaningless) fear itself.

I'm not sure why, but "Unicorn" came up twice in this month's playlist. To pay tribute to that, I decide to get a little fancy with the Fearless April cover art. 

Fearless April 2013
1. Ain't It So - PAPA
2. Dirty Work - Sydney Wayser
3. Something Good - Alt-J
4. I've Got Your Fire - Jenn Grant
5. Dents - The Acorn
6. Heavy Home - The Spring Standards
7. The Last Unicorn - Passenger
8. Heartbreaker - Jenn Grant
9. Marshmallow Unicorn - Rachel Sermanni

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  1. I just can't get enough of April's playlist! It's SO perfectly crafted! Thank You for a fabulous playlist!!!