choosing to try try again

Sometimes you just need a do-over.

Last week I did pretty well at completing my weekly goals, but with a cold clouding my mind and slowing my pace, I definitely see room for improvement. While I could push forward, I wouldn't be doing myself any favors. The truth is I need more time to incorporate last weeks goals into my lifestyle, especially improving my mood at work, and this week is sure to make that happen. There will be extra things to do and therefore extra stress to be handled. So, this week I am declaring two goals a do-over.

This week I will continue to practice waking up on time and stress reduction techniques, but to that I would like to add some physical activity. I think exercise will be the perfect me more energy to get up and go and naturally reduce stress overall.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Wake up by 7:15am
2. Smile more and use breathing techniques to reduce stress at work
3. Walk 10,000+ steps per day

How did you do with your goals from last week? Are there any that need more time to complete? Any that you want to improve? Maybe you need a do-over or two yourself and I hope you will take them!

If you are new to the weekly goals post, you can read more about them here. If you would like to join in on the fun, I hope you will consider pledging a goal or two in the comments section or by adding a thumbnail link to a blog post of your own.

Cheers to another week!

p.s. The smoothies got better tasting with this trick and even though I made this reminder several years ago, this is the first time ever I've gone to bed every night with no dishes in the sink. Granted 2 of those days were pretty much freebies because the drain sprung a leak, but you know...

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  1. Lovely Mara, thank you for doing this post. It really makes myself more aware, to set this goals and reach them too.
    It is good that you are kind with yourself, in this days it helps so me so much looking at myself like I would at a beloved friend. I would never ever be so hard on someone else like I'm often to myself.

    Wish you a beautiful day

  2. Always be kind to yourself. I like the thought of thinking of ourselves as a beloved friend. So many of us should choose to care for ourselves in that way.