hey, monday...

Just breathe. This week will be all about going with the flow. Focus on putting space between your emotions and the "issues"...staying calm when your instinct says "Fight!" or "Aw, hell no!" And above all, continue practicing how to surrender.

I'm anticipating this week won't be an easy one. Short of staff at the office, much of the daily burdens will fall upon my shoulders. Each day I will give myself gentle reminders to stay on top of tasks, take moments for the sake of "calm", but also make room for the unexpected. There is plenty of time to get it all done and stress/anger/fear/crying under my desk have no place in the mix.

So tie your hair up and get to it. Friday will be here in no time!


  1. Another lovely, motivating post Mara! (:

    Your posts always make me smile Mara! I read them and find myself nodding along thinking 'it's like you read my mind!

    My week is going to be a tad frenetic too. All day training today, half day training tomorrow and a hugely busy period at work. BUT as you say, it is best to remain calm and go with the flow. Viva le weekend!

    (Oh and the spookiest part is that I have been wearing my hair up in a bun on top of my head all day too!)

    1. Gem, your notes always make me smile too! I hope your week goes quickly and quietly and you feel carefree and successful at the end! One day down, 4 more to go!!!

      And so cool how connected we seem to be! Soul-friends perhaps, or sisters from another mister?