shifting into fall

Camping in the rain. Despite all the green, Fall is on its way. 

Do you ever feel like you have big plans, but the Universe just isn't cooperating?

Or maybe something you are creating - with a clear vision in your mind - is not turning out picture perfect?

I've felt that way lately. A little stagnant. A little frustrated. A little bit on repeat.

A camping trip over the weekend was met with rain. My new creations for Etsy are not turning out as I had hoped. A quick look around my apartment last night revealed that after all of the recent organizing and changes, it still feels messy and cluttered.

I think perhaps I have taken on too much during these Summer months meant for slow nights and easy fun.

But the past few days I have felt myself being slowly pulled (or guided) out of this funk. I can feel my mood changing and my attitude shifting. Something is on the horizon. The rain became a humorous addition to our trip. My new designs now have a guideline for supply purchases and what NOT to do. And my apartment will get a little face lift with a new rug, new duvet, and new storage solutions. Thank goodness for the feeling of renewal as the seasons change. Fall is my favorite time of year.

So, as summer is winding down and work is about to get hectic...I've decided to start setting monthly goals instead of weekly. I'll still post a linkup tool once a month and link back to it when I muse about my weekly intentions towards that end result. The reality is, I would like to remove the "schedule" aspect and be able to move freely throughout the month as inspiration strikes. No more waiting until Tuesday each week to discuss my goals or feeling chained down to Tuesday if I'm being lazy about them.

Here is an example...say my goal for the month is to feel more vibrant, I would try to plan something each week to help move in that direction. A facial? A dance class? A new dress? Then note it here and there in my blog posts for those of you reading a long. Much more organic. Much more free and easy.

I don't know about you, but I am excited for Fall. I'll see you back here at the start of September with a new set of monthly goals and a link up tool if you are interested in joining.

Until then, have a wonderful week and enjoy the final days of the August break.


  1. The Moon was Full and Blue last Tuesday, the Sky & Light is Shifting and Transitioning Herself as You are. That may account for the off beat and then sudden Energy Shift.

    Sending You Endless Love & Creative Light!

  2. The cooler temperatures that filled the air last week brought with them visions of fall. And, for local gardeners, fall is one of the best planting. removals london