Savoring the last days of summer

Savoring the last days of summer color, but giddy for fall. 

I can hardly believe we are more than half way through August. Fall is rushing this way and I'm mixed with both excitement (fall is my favorite time of year) and an unexpected hurriedness to savor every last moment of summer. I feel rushed. Under pressure. My mind is saying "pack it all in!" while my heart is saying slow down. It begs the question, how do I stay in the moment when I desire to do so much?

As the month winds down, and my desired feeling morphs from "just be" to "just do", I think it's time to revisit this year's Summer Manifesto.

The list of everything I wanted to do/try/be/enjoy this summer. Looking back at that post, it's almost as if I had a premonition about this TV hiatus thing. Checking things off the list, there are a few failed attempts (lychee cocktails and container gardening) and a few grand successes (3 picnics at the park and 2 road trips). I think I will dedicate the next few weeks to savoring a little more summer.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Literary Love. (For me: Finish the book I'm currently reading & at least 1/2 of another.)
2. Go Outside. (For me: walk my neighborhood, jog twice this week, have a picnic, go camping.)
3. Dream. (For me: While tackling goal #2, allow time to be still and listen to my surroundings.)

How are your plans laid out for the last days of summer? Are you savoring your favorite moments and making new memories? I'd love to hear more! Share a comment below, or link up to a new or recent post about your summer soirees and weekend adventures.  

Until next time, keep on soaking up the sun and wear bright colors. 

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