hey, monday...

I'm feeling a little like this lately. A little ho-hum. A little hum-drum. A little irritable. A little unsure. My lip curled up on one side in a mix of bleh and indifference. It feels like something unbearably and irreparably stagnant from the inside, but on the outside it's just your basic run of the mill Funk. It will pass. One day soon it will pack it's bags and say "So long" until another day, but I'm growing impatient. It's time to take back control and flip the switch on my mood.

This week I will determine the best anti-funk remedy and mix up an enormous batch. An elixir brewed just for my ailment. Drink up! I will wipe the bleh off my face and track down inspiration. I will stop making excuses. Enough is enough. September is here and I'm ready to hit the reset button...or maybe the big red supercharged turbo button that says "Hold on to your hats people!"? Either way, this week is all about kicking something new and different in to gear. A new attitude. A new way of thinking. A turbo boost. We'll be right as rain by morning.


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