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Welcome to September! My favorite month. It's MY Birthday Month! I'm a little late getting this playlist out, but better late than never right!? Let the party begin.

Dare to take a little time this month and celebrate YOU! I know I will. Celebrating our unique wonderful selves should really be a regular occurrence, not just on our birthdays, but sometimes it's hard to remember that we are soooooo worth it. Set your inner critic to OFF (permanently, please!) and practice celebrating your YOU-ness this month. That way it can come more naturally throughout the year.

Here are some fun exercises you can try...

  • Make a list of all of your favorite things (smells, flavors, colors, products, feelings, to name a few) and include reasons why they are so special to you. 
  • Dress up in that Feel-Like-A-Million-Bucks outfit that always begs the question "But where would I wear it?" and rock that sucker at a movie or the grocery store! Flaunt it. 
  • Spend some time telling your story. How did you get to where you are today? What are your milestones? Where do you see YOU going next? Bullet points, pages in a journal, or chat with a dear choose your favorite format.
  • Take some Selfies! Practice taking photos of yourself using the timer on your camera or the cell phone stretch. Find some good light, try different angles, and celebrate how beautiful you are! 
I'm going to try a few of these too. Have fun with it! Until next time, enjoy a little monthly music from my ears to yours. 

Daring September 2013
1. You (Ghost Track) - The 1975
2. Old Friend - Sea Wolf
3. Walk On - Braddigan
4. Byegone - Volcano Choir
5. The Woodpile - Frightened Rabbit
6. Stay Awhile - Ryan Star
7. Stainache - Emma Louise
8. Fools - Lauren Aquilina
9. Counting Down - Nataly Dawn
10. One More Cup of Coffee - Frazey Ford

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